Hi, I'm Meesh 
a multidisciplinary ops & marketing strategist, storyteller, product designer, and photographer.
I'm constantly thinking of innovative ways to create intuitive and human-centric systems in web3. Endlessly imagining a sea of new possibilities for systems design, decentralized collaboration, group coordination, and internet economies.
Play a song while you read.
i manage products & synthesize strategies for marketing and operations.
on nights & weekends, i nuture my creative soul through design, writing, and photography.
work & projects
 Boys Club: DAO Operations
 OVDO Media: Creative Marketing/Operations + Producer
 R1 RCM: Project Manager for Healthcare Revenue Technology
 Adidas x Detroit vs. Everybody: Creative Director + Producer
 Techstars: Production Coordinator
 AlignMint: UX/UI Design for Hackathon
"Finding your team through value alignment"
 Wave: UX/UI Design for MVP
"Aggregate your fragmented web3 identities into one source of truth"